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Our visionThe Borusan Academy acts with the vision of raising business leaders who create value. At Borusan, the concept of "business leader" means more than a hierarchal structure. The belief is that members of Borusan at each level of the organization are leaders in their business for which they are responsible.

Our MissionAt the Borusan Academy, the objective is to raise business leaders having a high performance culture through programs that are strategy-driven, consistent with values, high quality oriented and allow the continuity of development.

Training and DevelopmentTraining and development programs which will make a significant difference for Borusan members in terms of their business processes and personal development are designed by the Borusan Academy. All the members of Borusan family may participate in any program that they need for their personal development within the scope of development schemes. Leadership and Sales Faculty programs are designed in collaboration with the Executive Development Unit of Sabancı University, Financial Affairs Specialty Program of Bosphorous University and Lifelong Education Center. These programs consist of the contents of certified training and development programs devised by renowned experts in their fields.

• Leadership Faculty:It aims at raising business leaders who, under changing circumstances, are able to set strategy by managing information, use resources in a result-driven manner, improve themselves and their teams on a continuous basis and manage change.

• Sales Faculty:In the business world dominated by constant competition, it aims at establishing sales teams that meet the customer's changing expectations through its customer-oriented approach as well as product and service quality and make a difference in their business.

• 6 Sigma Faculty:The Borusan Group, including all group companies, applies the Lean 6 Sigma methodology and reflects it on all business processes in an extremely effective manner. Training sessions provided by in-house experts are designed for the adoption and application of Six Sigma practice by all employees.

Financial Affairs Specialty ProgramIn the units under the roof of 'Financial Affairs' (Financial Control, Financing, Accounting), this program intends to increase employees' level of specialty. With a holistic approach, the program intends to increase the Financial Affair Group's technical knowledge level, create a common language for financial affairs among different sub-units; ensure that each unit under the same roof is aware of the processes and work flows of one another and sees the big picture as well as to ensure that rotations among units are easier in the future periods.

We want the best for your development”As a part of the 2008 Cubic Awards Ceremony (Corporate University Best in Class) attended by corporate universities and companies offering training consultancy services, the Borusan Academy was awarded an honorary prize in the category of "Best New Corporate University".

It was awarded the grand prize in the category of Training and Development Management during the 2011 PERYÖN Human Management Awards Ceremony.
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