Comments From The Borusan Family
Lale Ergin
Head of Strategy, Business Development and Innovation
Borusan sets a good example for a company which is always seeking the best, adopting the vision of being one step ahead, standing firm with its values, and generating value for the employees and society with its professional management. Since the only rules of the game these days are “continual change and adaptation to this change”, it is undoubtedly a tremendous privilege to work for a group which continually renews and develops itself.

Being a part of this family, in other words, being a real member of the “Borusan Family” requires world citizens who are hard-working, able to use individual initiative, ready for a change, and can even lead the change.

For more than 18 years, I am quite fond of being a member of the Borusan Family which creates an environment for progress and holds high-quality employees in both personal and business manners.
Tuğba Paşalı
Organizational Development and Support Functions Deputy General Manager
On the verge of my graduation 15 years ago, I both felt excited about starting a new life and concerned over making the right choice, while I had a chance to observe many companies. While I was asking the question of “Which company is the best one for me?” then I was deeply impressed by Borusan’s values of transparency, integrity, sincerity, and fairness.

Here, I was able to see and experience how one company could broaden my vision with its success that is created by focusing on “human first” idea and placing the employee at the center of the decision-making process.

The Borusan Group, where you can witness and measure the value created by your work, offers an environment where every individual, from top to bottom, works towards a common goal with a mutual passion and determination. For that reason, it makes you feel that it is a privilege to be a "member of Borusan" and to be at Borusan.
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