Which undergraduate majors do you primarily prefer in recruitment process?
We perform our New Generation Talent program to bring in talented, creative, high potential newly graduates to Borusan Group. In this process, we evaluate many different majors for our vacant positions based on the common profiles we have set.
We also realize different projects in the universities to introduce Borusan Group and our recruitment processes. Borusan Group mainly looks for engineering positions because of the industry portfolio. Therefore, we generally make common projects with technical universities and create interactive environments to unite our executives and students.
What are the factors effecting the recruitment process other than the undergraduates’ majors and universities?
The primary specifications we look for in our newly graduates: being an undergraduate of a four-year faculty, having numerical and verbal skills and having a good command of English. We choose future executives of Borusan among the candidates who are determined to succeed, have advanced communication skills, have high teamwork skills, are open for improvement, and have a high sense of social responsibility. We do not expect our candidates to have any professional experience when they first start the job and included in the “New Generation Talent Program”.
Whom can I contact for my questions about the New Generation Talent process?
For all your questions about the process please send an e-mail to yeninesilyetenek@borusan.com you will be replied shortly.
What kind of development opportunities do you offer for your employees included in the New Generation Talent program?
Our employees in the New Generation Talent Program are included in a 2-year development program provided under the roof of Borusan Academy. In addition to competency trainings, we support their professional improvements through educational opportunities and domestic/ foreign conferences/ seminars, which will enhance their technical knowledge and skills.

Our employees in the New Generation Talent Program also have the chance to make regular meetings with a volunteer mentor, who is from the upper management, throughout their developmental journeys and get one-to-one support for their personal development.
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