Borusan Gives Big Support For Women's Employment on The 8th of March

08 March 2018

Borusan announces a significant investment aimed at increasing women’s employment in industry on the 8th of March. Childcare is the most challenging obstacle against women joining the workforce. Borusan is addressing this issue with the opening of a 150-child capacity day care center in one of the oldest and largest industrial sites of Turkey, Bursa Organized Industrial Zone.

March 8, 2018, Istanbul. Embracing empowerment of women and creating social gender equality is a top priority act of social responsibility. Borusan takes significant steps in light of this goal in its companies, as well as continuing to carry out important social projects.

Within the frame of “My Mom’s Job is My Future” Project, actualized in 2012 with the collaboration of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, nurseries and day care centers for the 0-6 age group named “Borusan Factory of Joy” were opened in the cities of Adıyaman, Afyon, Balıkesir and Malatya. This provided the opportunity for nearly 300 women to actively participate in the economy as well as access to education for children.

This time in 2018, again with the collaboration of the ministries, Borusan is laying the ground for a 150-child capacity nursery in one of the oldest and largest organized industrial zones of Turkey. In the Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, where 250 companies operate and whose annual exports reach 6.1 billion USD, 56 thousand people work, 5500 of which are women. The nursery will be actualized with the collaboration of the Association of Bursa Organized Industrial Zone Industrialists and Businessmen (BOSAID) and the Association of Bursa Businesswomen and Managers (BUIKAD), creating a significant step towards increasing women’s employment in the industry.

Borusan’s CEO Agah Uğur made a statement regarding this development: “Lack of nurseries and financial support, along with childcare responsibility mainly being on women’s shoulders constitute the biggest obstacles women face against participation in the workforce. With a 30% participation rate, Turkey is the country where the ratio of women’s participation to workforce is the lowest among OECD countries. In this respect, on March 8th, International Women’s Day, we are proud to announce this investment we are making in the Bursa Organized Industrial Zone. We see the March 8th not only as women’s, but also as everyone’s day who believes in social gender equality.”

Support for Women’s Employment in Heavy Industry: “No Job Too Tough For Women”

One of Borusan companies, Borçelik, set an example in terms of leading the way for women’s employment in the steel industry with the project “No Job Too Tough For Women,” which highlights the idea that there is no men-specific work field and that women are capable of carrying out any job.

Within the frame of the program, women applicants receive technical training such as overhead crane operating licenses, as well as 250 hours of extensive trainings such as personal development and mentor-mentee programs. Upon the completion of the program the plan is to find employment for 26 women in different work areas.

“Let’s Give a Name to Sexism” To Fight Against The Double Standards In Work Place

Last year Borusan published a “Guideline to Avoid Discriminatory Language and Behaviors in the Workplace” with the collaboration of the Social Gender and Women Research Center of Kadir Has University. The guideline included discriminatory expressions and behaviors that are commonly used in everyday business life.

Now in 2018, #LoveBeginsWithLanguage movement is continued with a campaign titled, “Let’s Give a Name to Sexism”. Behaviors and expressions that are frequently encountered in everyday business life, which can usually be subtle and which feed from unconscious prejudices, such as “This is not a woman’s job,” “Are you a feminist or something?” “Why Aren’t You Wearing Make-up?” are brought to attention through this campaign.
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