eTA Digitalizes the Transportation Market and Comes Back from Felis With Awards

17 November 2017

At the Felis Awards, Borusan’s innovative business model eTA, received first prize in 3 categories in the branch of “Transformative Marketing”, where the most effective and creative marketing projects in Turkey are awarded. eTA also achieved a significant success by winning one of the grand prix which were granted this year in only 6 branches.

An innovative enterprise of Borusan Holding, the new generation transportation model eTA received 4 prizes in the MediaCat Felis Awards, organized for the 12th time this year within the Brand Week Istanbul.

Along with the grand prix in the category of “Transformative Marketing”, eTA received number one prizes in the categories of “Transformative Enterprises (B2B Enterprises)”, “Innovative Approaches” and “Developers of the Market”.

eTA competed with prominent national and international brands from different sectors in the “Transformative Marketing Effect” category. Marketing strategies that reshape the market they operate in, that change consumer attitude and behaviors that determine the norms of the market were evaluated. As a digital transportation platform that brings truck drivers and SMEs together, eTA’s success in winning the grand prix resulted from the mobile application developed for truck drivers, the marketing strategy developed to digitalize truck drivers, and the ability to implement this strategy and yield successful business results.

eTA Marketing Manager Arzu Gözet made a statement about the awards:

“As Borusan’s corporate enterprise eTA, we provide the “New Generation Transportation” experience on an online platform, to customers with cargo and cargo-transporting truck drivers. We are in constant track of the operations to make sure the users’ eTA experience is perfect in the light of our marketing strategies. When we first set out on this journey, the biggest challenges we faced were the users’ commitment to their conventional working methods and the prejudices against technological innovations. We managed to overcome these obstacles with our marketing activities that focus on encouraging digitalization. The eTA Mobile Application that has been downloaded by nearly 40.000 truck drivers achieved 6 times the growth when compared to its first launch in 2015. We aim to continue this growth, and to have every truck driver in Turkey experience the eTA mobile application by transporting their goods with eTA at least once by 2020.”

The Felis Awards is one of the most significant competitions in its field, in terms of measuring the strategic approaches in the sector, effective creativities and the influences on the target group. With 3,385 applications this year, the Felis Awards gained the title of contest with the most applicants among other organizations in this sector in Turkey.

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